AJ Adhesives

About Us

AJ Adhesives, Inc., was formed in 1992 as a distributor of industrial adhesives in St. Louis, MO. Backed by a company-wide philosophy dedicated to advancing adhesive technology and support, AJ has become a leading supplier for some of the largest adhesive manufacturers in the industry. Our product inventory provides end-users with unparalleled reliability and meets the requirements for almost any application, including case and carton sealing, book-binding, labeling, laminating, carton forming, woodworking, product assembly, and many more.

Ordering from AJ is the most cost-effective and productive route to industrial adhesive purchasing. We believe in keeping the ordering process simple, so you can focus on keeping your line up and running. AJ eliminates the corporate congestion that can occur when you order directly from a manufacturer. With AJ, our customers work with ONE sales representative and ONE customer service agent, providing you with a simple, worry-free ordering experience. And your AJ representatives will keep in constant contact with you the entire way, from when the order is placed to when the product is in use.

With adhesive sales and support services now spanning the entire Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest regions of the country, and Warehouse locations in St. Louis, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Portland, AJ provides customers with the ultimate logistical advantage in getting product to them sooner. Click here to find out which AJ representative supports your location.

Along with our sister company Mid-America Packaging; our sole purpose has been to Hold North American Manufacturing Together. Through diligent work and an emphasis on the customer first, we plan to help keep manufacturing strong in North America.