AJ Adhesives


AJ Adhesives, Inc. is a leading vendor of industrial adhesives

Distributing responsibilities aside, AJ Adhesives, Inc. is first and foremost a service organization providing excellent customer service to a diverse range of industries. But our definition of customer service might be different than what you’re thinking. Our definition of customer service isn’t just a simple friendly call to place your order and fast, reliable shipping. Don’t get us wrong, we do that too, but we expect a lot more from customer service and we think you should too.

AJ Adhesives’ experienced sales and customer service staff build a partnership with our customers where we are able to support their needs and guide them to the best adhesive solution for the industrial packaging challenges faced by their business.

That means assistance with any customer inquiry. We’ll review your packaging process and using our extensive expertise in the industrial packaging industry gained from our 25 years of business, we’ll provide you with recommendations that will improve production efficiencies and package quality. Then we go one step further to help drive down your costs by carefully evaluating your purchasing process to show you where you can save even more for your business.

The AJ Adhesives customer service journey is designed to maximize positive outcomes for you and your business. Our service is fast, friendly, responsive, guiding, and collaborative. That is complete end-to-end service. That creates Insanely Happy Customers.