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At AJ Adhesives we have one goal… To be the most responsive supplier in the business. So please do not hesitate to contact us by any means necessary!

Sales Engineers


Nick Lamb - Saint Louis, MO Email

Michael McNamara - St. Louis, MO Email

Sales Engineers


Dave Beader - Chicago, IL Email

Sales Engineers


Mike Ford - Indianapolis, IN Email

Sales Engineers


Bill McDonnell - Seattle, WA Managing Director Email

Gary Prugh - Spokane, WA Email

Sales Engineers

Oregon/Northern California

Samuel Baker - Portland, OR Email

Sales Engineers


Dakota Rhodes - Tulsa, OK Email

Sales Engineers


Matt Shivers - Dallas, TX Email

Paul Jovais - Dallas Fort Worth, TX Managing Director Email

Dan O'Toole - Magnolia, TX Email

Tom Portele - Dallas, TX Email

Warehouse Personnel

Missouri (St. Louis Headquarters, Missouri)

Matt Duerfahrd - St. Louis, MO Email

Mike Houston - St. Louis, MO Email

Warehouse Personnel


Matthew Hampton - Chicago, IL Email

Gary Spinka - Chicago, IL Email

Warehouse Personnel


Andy Sanchez - Houston, TX Service Manager Email

Elijah Anderson - Dallas, TX Warehouse Manager

Inner-Office Personnel

Missouri (St. Louis Headquarters, Missouri)

Andy Schwartz - St. Louis, MO President Email

Jim Wiley - St. Louis, MO CFO/Vice President Email

Ken Schene - St. Louis, MO Director of Sales Development Email

Gene Konold - St. Louis, MO Director of Purchasing Email

Maria Barbarotta - St. Louis, MO Human Resources Manager Email

Nichole Shores - St. Louis, MO Marketing & Branding Manager Email

Meghann Wood - St. Louis, MO Accounts Receivable Manager Email

Jenny Belrose - St. Louis, MO Account Services Manager Email

Emily Tierney - St. Louis, MO Account Services Manager Email

Alexis Welker - St. Louis, MO Account Services Manager

Inner-Office Personnel


Julie Downum - Dallas, TX Purchasing/Buying Email

Tameka Robinson - Houston, TX Accounts Receivable Email