AJ Adhesives

Management Philosophy

At AJ Adhesives we firmly believe that developing a management philosophy is vital for a company to thrive. We have adopted the Gazelles 22 Program philosophy which simply states “He who learns the fastest wins.”

Not only have we adopted this company philosophy, but we have structured our corporate identity around it. Modern society is an ever changing entity that requires those wanting success to continuously seek information and ask questions in order to grow their knowledge base. At AJ we are persistent in maintaining that ideal.

Our entire staff consistently participates in off-campus learning sessions and business forums promoting the Gazelle Management Philosophy. Doing so allows AJ to strive for change, not purely for the sake of change, but to better ourselves as a company to keep ground on the ever changing entity of society.

Financial Board

AJ Adhesives, Inc. continues to not only remain standing during this elongated recession but we have thrived. This is due in large part because our Financial Board has guided us through the hard financial metrics the economy has set for us.

For the past eight years, these six gentlemen have served on the Financial Board for AJ Adhesives, Inc.:

  • Jim Wiley – CFO of AJ Adhesives, Inc.
  • Wyatt Rawlings – Certified Public Accountant for AJ Adhesives, Inc.
  • Ken Schene – Sales Manager for AJ Adhesives, Inc.
  • Andy Schwartz – CEO of AJ Adhesives, Inc.
  • Bob Steinmetz – Retired Vice President of Southwestern Bell
  • James McGauley – Senior Vice President of Carrolton Bank