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AJ Adhesives & Mid-America Packaging Attend the 2019 Scale-Up Summit

Ken Schene, Jim Wiley and Andy Schwartz with Verne Harnish at 2019 Scale-Up Summit.

Verne Harnish’s 2019 Scale-Up Summit was held on May 21-22 in Atlanta, GA.  Jim Wiley, Ken Schene, and Andy Schwartz attended the 2 day event.  The Summit is tailored to business owners interested in growing their companies.  Award winning authors Steve Martin “Messengers”, Mariya Yao ”Applied Artificial Intelligence”, Susan Packard “Fully Human”, and David Horsager ”The Trust Edge” all presented, along with several others.

Many takeaways from the 2 days, including David Horsager, who grew up on a farm saying “Healthy things grow, sick things die! And on the farm, someone has to do the work.”   AJ Adhesives and Mid-America Packaging have been following Verne and implementing his Rockefeller Habits for 18 years.  “We are always trying to out-learn and out-think the competition,” said Andy Schwartz.  Jim, Ken and Andy all liked Speaker Jesse Itzler.  His outlook on life and philosophy of create your own luck, don’t take your foot off the gas pedal, get over self-doubt, and pressure is a privilege was inspiring.