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AJ & MAP Attend the 2019 Key Staff Learning Day

Saint Louis, MO

On March 7th, 2019, YPO (Young President’s Org) and EO (Entrepreneur’s Org) hosted a Key Staff Learning Day at Logan University in St. Louis.  Attending the event from AJ/MAP was Shayna Kremer, Maria Barbarotta, Gene Konold, Julie Belfi, Jenny Belrose,  Meghann Wood, Emily Lanser and Andy Schwartz.

Jamie Shanks, author of “Sales Plays” spoke on digital selling.  Jamie is the CEO of Sales for Life and his data shows 78% of digital sellers outperform analog only selling peers.  Roberta Moore spoke on EQ or Emotional Intelligence.  Her book, “Emotions at Work” teaches how learning to use EQ at work  increases productivity and builds leadership skills.

The Keynote Speaker, Aron Ralston was an ordinary man pushed to the extreme, and demonstrated the human capacity for the extraordinary.  “There is no force more powerful than the will to live.”  Aron’s true story became a movie, “127 Hours” and his character was played by James Franco.  Aron said, “when your boulders come into your life, and they will for sure, instead of pushing them away, open your heart and welcome them.”  Words to live by and an inspiring person to be around.

Watch the 127 Hours Trailer here: