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AJ & MAP Welcome & Train the Wes Adhesives Team!

This summer has been action packed and a lot of fun for the AJ & MAP team! Since acquiring Wes Adhesives and working with their fantastic team, now was the time to really join forces! Last week Tameka & Julie from the new Texas Wes Adhesives’ locations came up to the St. LouisĀ AJ/MAP headquarters for some training and official meet-and-greets! Tameka and Julie both got their official AJ & MAP head-shots and are now featured on our Employee Directory!

And, of course, when in town some team bonding is a must for our teams! Customer Service from the HQ and Texas went out for some local St. Louis sightseeing and fun! We’re so excited for our growing AJ/MAP family!

AJ/MAP President & CEO, Andy Schwartz, says he’s ecstatic seeing his teams come together in training and bonding as a cohesive team of A players!

Tameka, Customer Service in Houston, TX
Julie, Customer Service In Dallas, TX