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Cosmic Crisp® Apples and AJ Adhesives Have A Fruitful Relationship!

For nearly three decades AJ Adhesives Inc. has proudly been an integral part of the Washington State apple industry.

Washington state grows 60% of the nation’s apples.  In 2019 alone Washington will pack close to 140 million boxes.  AJ Adhesives Inc. supplies hot melt thermoplastic and cold liquid adhesives to the corrugate box manufacturers and the produce packing distributors to seal a substantial amount of those boxes.

These are exciting times for the Washington state apple industry.  Beginning December 1st 2019 consumers will enjoy the new “Cosmic Crisp” apple.  The “Cosmic Crisp” is the first ever Washington state developed apple.  It’s estimated that nearly 450,000 boxes of “Cosmic Crisp” apples will be packed and sold this year.  We all look forward to enjoying this new scrumptious apple variety.  So go out and buy this apple and others and know that these apples were likely sealed by AJ Adhesives.  BeInsanely Happy”™ enjoying these apples.

Thanks for supporting our great apple industry!

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