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futureFocus 2019 with AJ Adhesives, Inc. & Mid-America Packaging

On April 16th, Jim Wiley, Andy Schwartz, Maria Barbarotta, and Gene Konold attended the  futureFocus2019 event in St. Louis, MO.  The theme was “The Power of a Story”, how powerful storytelling can impact your business, health, and overall well-being.

Speakers included Eva Grayzel who is a master storyteller, author and performance artist.  The keynote speaker was Shane Snow.  Shane’s book, “Dream Teams” is a NY Times bestseller, his work has been called “insanely addicting” by GQ.   Maria Barbarotta said, “we are gaining new ways to approach problems and teamwork.” Maria even took the stage and participated in the event. “What I think our big takeaway was what is OUR next story for AJ Adhesives and Mid-America Packaging” said Gene Konold.

Stay tuned!