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Scale Up Summit with Verne Harnish

Verne Harnish

As one of Verne Harnish‘s “Coaching Companies” AJ Adhesives and sister company, Mid-America Packaging, have worked with Verne for more than 15 years on ways to grow and build. Being the Growth Guru, Verne has run Gazelles for 20 years.

AJ Adhesives and Mid-America Packaging pride themselves on being a constantly growing community. We believe attending seminars and summits really allows us to continuously grow as individuals and as a company.



Ken Schene, Sales Director

Ken Schene, Sales Director, said his favorite speaker was Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry Wehmiller. “I really liked how he spoke about how our people in our company are most important.” 


Bob Chapman







Maria Barbarotta, HR Director



Maria Barbarotta, HR Director, said Ryan Holiday was AMAZING! “Ryan spoke about dropping your ego and living within your means. We also had a great lunch and learn with him. I learned so much!”



Ryan Holiday









Nichole Shores (Marketing), Gene Konold (Purchasing), Ken Schene (Sales)

Nichole Shores, Marketing Director, said, “Bob Chapman was really insightful. I really appreciated his dedication to speaking on how “Everybody Matters” and how often leaders – not managers, shape the lives of people in their office. To the point that a supervisor can be more important to you health than your primary care physician! I absolutely took a lot away from him. Debra Gabor was a reestablishing affirmation that it’s important to know who your audience is and what motivates them.” 


Deb Gabor
Gene Konold, Purchasing Director

Gene Konold, Purchasing Director, said his favorite speaker was Howard Shore; author of Leaky Bucket. Konlod said, “His book is a good read and his approach as a “coach” during one of the sessions was unique. Good intuition and now a friend as well as business associate. Great conference.” 

Howard Shore
Andy Schwartz, President & CEO

Andy Schwartz, President and CEO, had so many favorite speakers, from Bob Chapman, Gregg Thompson, Mark Sanborn – so many were just amazing! Bringing his team all together for such an impactful summit in our hometown of St. Louis, Missouri was really a privilege.  Schwartz said his biggest takeaway from the summit was “simplicity is the new luxury.”