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AJ Adhesives Attends St. Louis YPO/EO Key Staff Day


March 7th, 2024 – Saint Louis, MO


Each year, YPO and EO St. Louis join to host a Key Staff Learning Day.  This year, March 7th was a fantastic event, with 3 speakers talking about leadership, culture, and responsibility.  Garry Ridge talked about a people-first mindset, why it is important to learn from mistakes, and what great coaches do.  Bill George, author of “True North” talked about how purpose proceeds profit, and why it is so important to hold to your standards 100% of the time.  The last speaker, Chester Elton was energetic, funny, and inspiring.  He talked about culture and how to get your Team Engaged, Energized, and  Enabled.  On company culture, he asked us to practice,  “Whatever anyone says or does, assume positive intent.”  It was a great learning day for Andy and the Customer Service Team.