AJ Adhesives

AJ Adhesives, Inc. is a leading vendor of industrial adhesives

Adhesive Systems Inc.

AJ Adhesives distributes a complete line of engineered structural adhesives manufactured by Adhesive Systems, Inc. (ASI). ASI’s no-mix structurals, UV curables, one and two-part epoxies, and two-part methacrylates can be used for a diverse range of assembly applications. They are available in different strengths, cure times and viscosities and possess exceptional bond strength, with excellent againg and weathering characteristics.

Supported Brands

Advance Performance Series™

The ADVANCE PERFORMANCE SERIESTM of cyanoacrylate adhesives can tackle the rigorous demands of any assembly requirement. These products will bond more materials better than other one-part systems. They have been engineered to achieve structural bonds with excellent results on difficult to bond substrates. Additionally, they contain no solvents and are non-flammable, can be applied directly from the bottle, and are easily automated through dispensing systems.

Advance Performance Series™

The MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE SERIESTM is a complete family of engineered structural adhesives. These products, both one and two-part systems, offer a wide range of versatility in meeting your application requirements. Engineered to provide a unique balance of tensile, shear, and peel strength, they assure maximum performance in assemblies that see stress, shock, and impact.

Maximum Performance Series™

TORQUETM anaerobic adhesives/sealants are for threadlocking, threadsealing, retaining, and gasketing applications. These products are available in different strengths, cure times, and viscosities to meet any application requirement. The technology involved with this series is specifically engineered to provide the fastest fixture and cure times of any anaerobic on the market today.