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AJ Adhesives, Inc. is a leading vendor of industrial adhesives

HB Fuller

Since 1887, H.B. Fuller has been a leading global adhesives provider focusing on perfecting adhesives, sealants and other specialty chemical products to improve products and lives. H.B. Fuller’s commitment to innovation brings together people, products and processes that answer and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Their reliable, responsive service creates lasting, rewarding connections with customers in electronics, disposable hygiene, medical, transportation, aerospace, clean energy, packaging, construction, woodworking, general industries and other consumer businesses.

Supported Brands

Advantra® Adhesives

Advantra® packaging hot melt adhesives offer you the ultimate in performance. Our reliable products ensure superior bonding, thermal stability, clean machining and low total cost of ownership. Even at extremely low temperatures, our packaging hot melt adhesive line offers the sealing advantage your business needs.

Clean Melt® Hot Melt Packaging Adhesives

Clean Melt® packaging adhesives are a family of high-performance, value-added hot melts developed with our proprietary clean adhesive technology. These solutions combine high mileage, low maintenance, and powerful productivity with robust adhesion to create exceptional value.


Under the Swift®therm brand, H.B. Fuller offers a complete range of EVA-based hot melt adhesives used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products. This diverse portfolio covers many bonding applications such as end of line packaging, book production, corrugated box manufacture, container labelling to mention just a few.